TELUS Webmail help guide



Use task lists

Use task lists

The Tasks feature lets you create to-do lists and manage tasks through completion.

You can add tasks to the default task list, and you can create other task lists to organize your to-do lists by more specific activities, such as by work or personal projects.

As you progress on a task, you might want to add information, change the status and percentage completed, or mark the task complete.

Sort tasks

You can sort the task list by subject, status, percentage complete, and due date.

  • In the Task view, select a task list and in the Content pane toolbar, click the heading to sort by.

Create a task

  1. In the toolbar click New Task.

  1. In the Details section, enter the task information.

    Only Subject is required to give the task a name.

  1. In the Date section, enter the start date and due date.
  2. Click Save.

Change a task

Update your task

  1. Open the Tasks list that has your task.
  2. In the Content pane, select the task that you want to change.
  3. Make the changes to the task information.

  1. Click Save.

The task information remains in your tasks folder.